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LMP ArmorCase for iPad 10.2″

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When it comes to challenging environments, one would intuitively name the outdoor experience or a construction site to pose a natural threat to the iPad. But a classroom can be just as challenging for your digital gear in many ways. That’s why we created an armor-like case for the iPad (7th generation) that suits the rough conditions no matter where you experience them: The LMP ArmorCase for iPad 10.2" (7th generation).
The ArmorCase shields the iPad from accidental drops and nasty scratches thanks to its ultra protective and rubberised bracket. Yet all controls and ports are still accessible. Even more so, on the inside the ArmorCase features a unique digital pen storage for Apple Pencil (1st gen), Logitech Crayon and Adonit Note/Note+. Protect and store like no other iPad case!
The top cover not only puts a protective lid on the iPad’s display but also acts as a stand mechanism with three different positions. Even more so, the cover puts the iPad into sleep mode when it’s closed and wakes it up when it’s opened again, saving battery energy to when you really need it. Yet even the best cover can be in your way at some occasions. You want to take some pictures or hold the iPad in your hands? Well, simply take off the top cover and put it back on when you need it again!
A transparent back panel allows you to customize your iPad (e.g. with a barcode or other written information). This comes handy wherever numerous iPad of the same kind are in use such as in schools or large businesses. Or you simply let the precious Apple shine through – it’s up to you.
Naturally, the ArmorCase not only has a protective side but helps to put the iPad in the right position. Whether you want to work with the iPad, browse the internet or watch a movie, you’ll find the right position with the ArmorCase. In fact, there are three stand positions with different angles that you can choose from.
Arm your iPad with the most protective case but don’t sacrifice on comfort and function – the LMP ArmorCase is at your service!

Ultra protective and rubberized bracket to hold the iPad 10.2" (7th generation)
Integrated storage for Applen Pencil (1st gen), Logitech Crayon or Adonit Note/Note+
Removable top cover
Top cover with sleep-on-close and wake-on-open function to save battery energy
Three different stand positions and formats
Transparent back panel
Access to all controls and ports

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