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480 GB Transcend JetDrive 820 SSD

CHF 229.00

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JetDrive™ 820
Is your Mac getting sluggish? Transcend's JetDrive 820 SSD utilizes the PCIe™ Gen3.0 interface to unleash next-generation performance, instantly revitalizing your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, or Mac Pro!

Expand storage in a flash
Upgrading your Mac with a Transcend JetDrive 820 allows you to increase storage capacity to up to 960GB, ensuring you have plenty of space for your documents, photos, music, and videos.

Feel the need for speed
Transcend's JetDrive 820 utilizes the PCIe™ Gen3 x2 interface paired with the latest 3D NAND flash, resulting in compelling performance of up to 950MB/s read and 950MB/s write. Transcend's JetDrive 820 gives you fluid, real-time performance for professional tasks, video editing, and 3D graphics.

PCIe Gen3 x2
240GB, 480GB, 960GB
Storage Media
TLC NAND Flash memory
Maximum Performance
Sequential read: 950MB/s
Sequential write: 950MB/s

• MacBookAir6,1 (11-inch, Early 2014)
• MacBookAir6,1 (11-inch, Mid 2013)
• MacBookAir6,2 (13-inch, Early 2014)
• MacBookAir6,2 (13-inch, Mid 2013)
• MacBookAir7,1 (11-inch, Early 2015)
• MacBookAir7,2 (13-inch, Early 2015)
• MacBookPro11,1 (13-inch, Retina, Late 2013)
• MacBookPro11,1 (13-inch, Retina, Mid 2014)
• MacBookPro11,2 (15-inch, Retina, Late 2013)
• MacBookPro11,2 (15-inch, Retina, Mid 2014)
• MacBookPro11,3 (15-inch, Retina, Late 2013)
• MacBookPro11,3 (15-inch, Retina, Mid 2014)
• MacBookPro11,4 (15-inch, Retina, Mid 2015)
• MacBookPro11,5 (15-inch, Retina, Mid 2015)
• MacBookPro12,1 (13-inch, Retina, Early 2015)
• Macmini7,1 (Late 2014)
• MacPro6,1 (Late 2013)

MacOS 10.10

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