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ChronoSync – D/E/F

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The complete sync tool.
ChronoSync is the complete data management utility that allows you to efficiently synchronize or backup files and folders from one disk location to another. There are hundreds of settings available within each Synchronizer document to customize your synchronizations. You can synchronize or backup files to almost any device. ChronoSync will even automatically mount other computers. Create as many documents as you need to handle all the synchronization and backup scenarios you have.
Whether you work on more than one computer or need to share files with someone on another computer, ChronoSync can handle it. Work on your laptop and sync. All of your files are copied over to your desktop. When you switch back, just sync and your changed files are copied back over to your laptop.
Back Up
If you modify files on your source only and need a redundant copy on your destination, then you would need a back up copy of your files. Whatever you want to back up your Mac to, ChronoSync can handle it.
Besides backing up all your files, a bootable backup allows you to boot directly into the backup so you can run your Mac from the backup.
Save old versions of your files in case you need to go back in time. Instead of just deleting files, ChronoSync saves deleted and modified files by storing them in an archive folder.
The most powerful aspect of ChronoSync is scheduling. Create multiple synchronizer documents and schedule them separately or combine them in a ChronoSync Container to schedule them together.
Compare your data before and after every synchronization, utilizing the Analyze panel, running trial synchronizations, and viewing detailed printed logs.
Synchronize or backup to almost any device. ChronoSync can even automatically mount other computers.
Filter Data
Filtering gives you the flexibility to only copy files or folders you want from any set of data

Technical Requirements
ChronoSync version 4.0 requires 50 MB in disk space to install. ChronoSync requires that you run an installer and enter your Admin User and password because ChronoSync must be installed at root level. ChronoSync must be stored in the Applications or Utilities folder to run properly. ChronoSync runs on Tiger (Mac OS 10.4), Leopard (Mac OS 10.5), Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6), and Lion (Mac OS 10.7). You might say it's cross-catform!

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