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LMP USB-C Hub – Space Gray

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7 port USB-A (4) & USB-C (3) hub with external power supply (36W)

7-Port-USB-C & USB 3.0 Hub
External power supply (36W)
2x USB-C 1.5A with power output/BC1.2
1x USB 3.0 with 1.5A power output/BC1.2
Aluminum housing
Plug & Play, no driver needed

A USB-C hub that combines the legacy USB-A (USB 3.0) as well as the new USB-C (5 Gbps) ports in a sleak aluminum housing. 4 USB-A and 3 USB-C ports with data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps are at your disposal.
The LMP USB-C 7 Port Hub is supported by a powerful 36W wall charger so your peripherals get not only connected but powered at the same time. The ports with BC1.2 let you power your iPhone or iPad with up to 7.5W or sync their contents. A power circuit drawing on the back side of the hub gives you insight into the power distribution among the ports so heavy power users can be attached to the right ports. Using the hub without the wall charger (host powered) is possible but only with limited use of ports due to power constraints. Power Delivery (pass-through power to host) is not possible.
The LMP USB-C 7 Port Hub does not support DP Altmode. Therefore, the use of a video adapter on one of its ports is not possible. With the use of a USB-C (f) to USB-A (m) adapter (not included), it can be used on older Mac with USB 3.0 ports as well.
Simply connect the LMP USB-C 7 Port Hub to your host’s USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) por (plug&play, no driver needed) and you’ll never again have to worry about connecting your array of USB peripherals

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